I’m officially halfway through my degree

Tonight is the night. Halfway hall. That eccentric celebration of getting to the halfway point of your degree – well, only if you’re on a three year course mind you. Whilst I’m slightly irked about the fact that I have to pay for the privilege of going to the dinner, I do get enough free food at this place through working at events or just generally living at the Union that I probably shouldn’t complain too loudly. So, in honour of getting to this point in my degree without failing – yet, touch wood, you never know, tomorrow could be the day when it all ends – I thought I would share some of my ‘golden moments’ from the past week.

Yesterday I spent the evening hanging out with Bill Oddie. I feel like this is a fully justified comment seen as I spent, quite literally, 8 hours with the man. That’s pretty committed guest liaising right there. Thankfully I got my panini and £5 bar tab as a thank you – lol jks love you all at the Union really 😉 He was a genuinely lovely man, very sweet and had time for absolutely everyone. The day also resulted in quite possibly my most liked status on Facebook ever…showing that getting into Cambridge is toped by having an old bird watcher ring you up unexpectedly.

On Monday I celebrated my twentieth – woo! Cue, happy excited cheering. Apart from having to get up for a meeting at 8.15am it was a pretty chilled day. Despite the fact that we’ve all been ill recently, my lovely adorable friends clubbed together and Alisa bought me a Chinese which we ate alongside left-over cake with a carrot stuck in the top as a makeshift candle. Now, I doubt that will happen again so that’s certainly one for the memory bank. The wonderful Jamie came over for evening chats which was lovely and reminded me of the fact that good friends are those that you can just talk to, about absolutely nothing in particular, for a ridiculously long period of time, but it doesn’t matter because it just works.

The weekend saw my mum come and visit for early celebrations and a cake party which consisted of yes, you guessed it, way way too much cake for anyone’s waistline to handle. And finally, to round off the last few days of excitement, Saturday saw the Union hosting the Bicentenary Debate which was quite frankly staggering. I spent the evening following the footsteps of Baroness Mallalieu who was charming and a real inspiration. She was the first female president of the Union and I can’t quite fathom what it must have been like dealing with rowdy, pompous white posh guys in the 60s ,when they felt they ruled the world. I was going to say ‘still felt like they ruled the world’ but I release this is, realistically, a premature slip-of-the-tongue. The room was filled with so many ex-presidents and officers who have come to dominate many of their respective fields of work, and I feel pretty sure in saying that I doubt there will ever be a generation who goes on to do the same. As the Baroness said, back then you really felt like you could do anything that you wanted to do. Sadly, I don’t feel the same sense of liberation and freedom as was once enjoyed by my predecessors. But that’s life. Or the Tory government. Take your pick.

Right, that’s enough reminiscing. You’re probably bored to death by now, and besides, I have a dinner to get to. Such a Cambridge student problem. Ciao.

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